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SEO packages that are worked out to meet specific needs of different kinds of companies. We tell you exactly what we are going to do during the month.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO just simply means optimizing your website in a way that your customers can find your services easier. Most of it is pretty simple. Give your potential customers what they are looking for, and make it easier to find it on your website when compared to the websites of your competitors.

However, a lot of the work is also technical. It requires understanding Google’s mission, where they are heading, and therefore which algorithm changes are coming.

Google’s mission is to provide their users with relevant and helpful content in the least painful way possible. When your website helps Google to achieve its mission best, you will rank on top of search results

What does it include?

Keyword research

Targeting the right keywords is the most important part of doing SEO. At the beginning of every month we look for keywords that your website can rank for NOW, that can drive good quality traffic to your website, and that your customers are looking for daily.

We also look for keywords that drive sales for your business within only a few months. This short term strategy puts cash into your pocket, which you can use to grow your business and fund your long term SEO strategy.

Long term SEO strategy

Additional to our short term strategy to put money into your pocket in the short term, we also consider the long term. Over the long term you would like to rank for the keywords in your industry that drive the biggest clients to your business.

However, these keywords are usually harder to rank for. Therefore it requires a long term strategy. That is why we first get your website to rank for easy keywords that have a short-term cashflow. Over the long term we want your website to beat even the biggest competitors within your niche. This falls in line with your goal to become an industry leader and to run an ultra-profitable business.

words that drive sales for your business within only a few months. This short term strategy puts cash into your pocket, which you can use to grow your business and fund your long term SEO strategy.

Google Search Console integration

We partner with Google to stay informed about the best SEO practices in Gauteng. We do not use any strategies that have not been approved as a best practice by Google and other search engines.

Google’s goal is to give their visitors the best results that they are searching for. In this way we partner with Google to give their customers good quality content.

This is the kind of content that will allow your website to rank on top of the Google search results. But we do not stop there. We partner with Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and others to drive even more relevant visitors to your website.

On-Site optimization

We are WordPress experts since we work on this website builder every day. We have tried and tested the plugins to find the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

Google has become good at figuring out what the intent behind every Google search is. Therefore, we optimize your on-site SEO to fit what people are searching for.

2 people could be searching for ‘bike’ on Google, however, they might be looking for 2 completely different answers. The one might be searching for a bike to buy and the other one might be searching for the definition of a bike.

We put a lot of our research into this. What the first thing is that users see on your landing page makes a big difference on your SEO ranking. Therefore, we put a lot of time into the structure of your landing pages to meet the user need fast!

Off-Site optimization

We also focus on doing good quality off-site SEO of your website. This includes things such as meta-descriptions and title tags. These things affect how your page displays in Google Search Results.

It also includes the optimization of your sitelinks, which tell search engines how to understand your website. Search engines crawl your website from time to time, but we tell them when a page has changed and request them to crawl and index the page.

Building backlings

There are honest ways of building backlinks and then there are dishonest ways of building backlinks. We only focus on building high-quality backlinks from sites that are within your industry.

Sometimes bad quality backlinks have its way of creeping in to your website. We disavow spammy backlinks that might have a negative impact on your website rankings.

Boosting good quality content

When your blog posts or pages reach page two on Google Search results, we boost them on social media and in newsletters to get them to page one.

This is one of the best practices that we have learned so far with SEO services in Gauteng. Boosting a post on social media can boost its search rankings as well.

How does Kwikstert's monthly SEO process work?

We are one of the top SEO services in Gauteng because of our process. It gets updated regularly with new algorithm changes and as we learn more about SEO.

1. Opportunity analysis

Every business has an opportunity to rank for keywords right now and in the future. We first find these short term keywords so that you can see an ROI fast.

We also map out which keywords your company would like to rank for in the near future and over the next 2-3 years. These are usually very competitive keywords that are hard to rank for.

2. Planning

Based on the research in step 1, we build a plan for the month. This includes which articles need to be written, what content needs to be updated, which pages need to be optimized, and which backlink opportunities can be used.

This planning is based on years of experience in the SEO world and a in-depth knowledge of what works well and what does not work.

3. Implementation

During the month we implement the plan with precision. We do more in depth research regarding the content that needs to be updated or the articles that need to be written.

Then we write articles that are better than those of the competition. This means articles that help your potential customers better that the articles of your competition.

However, we do not only focus on beating the competition on their articles, we look at what customers are looking for that is not being found online.

Every article that we write, every page that we change is immediately submitted to Google. This is done so that they immediately know when changes are made. This speeds up the process of SEO starting to work for your business.

4. Evaluation

In this stage we look at what we have done during the previous months to see what is working and what can be changed. Changes are made in a timely matter to ensure a higher ROI for your business.

We also have a meeting with you, our customer, every month to ensure that we are on the right track. This includes showing you what we have changed during the month and what we plan to do during the following month.

You know your business much better than we do. Therefore we listen to you regarding what is working and what is not working.